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Cakewalk Case Study

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Flexibility and customer service features make Mitel Sky music to a recording pioneer’s ears


Small staff needs to work remotely

Although based in Boston, Cakewalk services customers all over the country. During bad weather and other events, employees did not have the capabilities needed to work remotely.

A phone system that matched Cakewalk’s commitment to VIP service

Since its inception almost 25 years ago, Cakewalk has been a leader in the music recording software industry. In fact, it was one of the pioneers for MIDI sequencing on computers, dating back to the days of MS DOS. Currently, it makes recording software that powers music recording studios as well as software that can be used to record music at home.

To deliver exceptional customer service, Cakewalk needed a phone system with features that enabled staff to work remotely. “If we have a snowstorm, our users in Tennessee aren’t going to look out the window and necessarily understand the situation in Boston. So rain or shine, we had to be here, and there were a couple days this winter when we had a foot and a half of snow, and we all had to make it in eventually. We don’t have a huge staff, so oftentimes if even two people can’t make it, it’s a pretty rough day,” says Willy Jones, product support manager at Cakewalk.

Mitel Sky hosted VoIP is in tune with Cakewalk’s needs

With Mitel Sky, customer support reps and technical support staff can use their phones from any location or have their calls routed to their home phone or personal cell phone. In addition to providing this flexibility, Mitel Sky also improves Cakewalk’s responsiveness to customers’ needs. With Phone Assistant, customer service reps have real-time data and background information on each customer that allows them to anticipate a customer’s questions and have solutions ready before answering the call.

Cakewalk has also taken full advantage of other upgrades to its phone system, like time-of-day (TOD) controls and call forwarding, which have improved staff efficiency and productivity. Dave Guerette, Cakewalk tech support representative, says, “Within half a week it was clear that the new system was already easier, and we were already more efficient at taking calls with it.”

Customer service handles 176% more calls

One of the drawbacks of the old system was raw call capacity. Often, callers would get busy signals. With the Mitel Sky system in place, the customer service has handled 176% more calls than the year prior, and the technical support department has handled 154% more calls.

In addition to appreciating the features of the new phone system, Cakewalk’s employees were even more impressed with the level of customer service and training provided by Mitel. Cakewalk employees were pleased with the responsiveness and resourcefulness of their Mitel Sky Support representative, who was consistently available and was able to tailor each solution to the company’s exact needs. “Our Mitel representative answered almost every question our IT guys threw at him about implementation and setup and things like that. And he made us feel really comfortable about the whole process,” explains Jones.


Willy Jones, Product Support Manager

Finally, Jones admitted that Cakewalk was particularly sold with using Mitel Sky when Korg, one of their competitors, gave Mitel Sky a ringing endorsement. “They are a company in the same exact industry and have support needs similar to ours, so that advice definitely helped out,” says Jones. “And would we recommend it again? I think absolutely. I think once you put the whole package together, and the time and money you save by not having to manage your own system, I think it totally makes up for any extra costs.”


Cakewalk needed a new phone system that would enable workers to be productive no matter where they were.


With Mitel Sky, Cakewalk employees can use their phones from any location or have their calls routed to their home phone or personal cell phone. In addition to providing this flexibility, Mitel Sky also improves Cakewalk’s responsiveness to customers’ needs.


  • Rich features for remote employees
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Ability to handle higher call volume

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